Athan Oma Eliam

He just wants to live.


Athan was born into the noble family of Eliam. His parents had been trying for a child some time and were blessed with twins. Athan and his sister Ramona were very similar from birth. They both sported their elven mothers dark hair and eyes, with very little of their father in them. Their father did not mind this, he knew his wife was much more beautiful than him and was happy that their children took after her. The children were raised by their mother while their father fought to keep their house prosperous. Their mother kept them entertained with simple magic tricks and stories when she was at home, and had bought a pet thrush to keep them entertained when she was busy. They named the bird Elymas and she told the children that when she was not there to look over them, Elymas would be. The following years were the happiest of Athans life, he played with his family, he watch his mother use magic, and over time the twins showed a talent for the magical arts also.

On a seemingly ordinary day, in the height of summer, Athans father was invited to attend a meal and discuss trade with some of his business associates. Ramona had taken ill and Athan wanted to stay with her to keep her company but their father decided that since he was now 10 he needed to see such meetings, as he would one day rule the house. The carriage ride was slow and boring as usual, until a commotion outside forced them to a stop. His father heard a clang of steel and asked him and his mother to stay inside while he found out what was happening. It wasn’t long until Athan heard the cry of bandits. They stayed in the carriage but it wasn’t long until the bandits overpowered the guards. A grisly looking man stormed into the carriage and demanded to be handed all their valuables, his mother followed the mans orders but he didn’t seem placated. They never found out what else was wanted screams rang out from outside of the carriage. His mother grabbed him and shoved him out of the side door, she followed with quickly behind him but not quickly enough. The bandit had stabbed her in the side while she fled. She pushed Athan under the carriage and told him to be quiet.

After a while the sounds of battle ended and he heard a man call out for any survivors. Athan asked his mother if he should respond but she stayed quiet and kept her eyes closed like she had since they hid here. Another voice rang out calling for him and his mother. His father had survived the battle. Athan replied and was pulled out by a man in a uniform we rarely saw. He said that he was a state wizard and had come to help. His father told him it was safe and that the wizard had killed the bandits. Athan told the men that his mother was still hiding under the carriage. The state wizard pronounced her dead from blood loss an instant later.

With his sister ill and his father grieving, Athan had a lot of time to think over the next couple of days. He thought about his mothers stories. One particular story kept returning to his mind. When his mother was a little girl she liked to watch an ant hill near her house. The ants worked together and the hill steadily grew. Every few weeks an ant eater would come and have a meal. The ants retreated in fear each time. One week her father caught her watching the ant eater and told her that the ants weren’t scared for themselves. He told her that they had a powerful system and each ants life was worth little. The ants were scared for their queen, they retreated to make sure that she was protected, because if she died, the colony would surely follow suit. After years of watching it seemed that ants fear was finally realised. His mother had expected the ants to lose hope, to flee or to lay defeated. They did not, as one they swarmed out of the hill to avenge their queen. It was a matter of minutes until the ant eater fell. This creature of death, named because of how it brought that death about, had fallen it its pray. At the time Athan had thought his mother had told him this to show how powerful people could be if they worked together, but now he realised it had another meaning. He realised that the ant eater was death itself. He just had to get the other ants to agree to fight.

A month later his father, still overcome with grief, sent the twins to study magic at the college. Athan and Ramona started to grow apart quickly. Ramona didn’t agree with Athans thoughts on their mothers death. It was sad yes, but Ramona knew that everyone had to die. Throughout his college years Athan stayed a private person. He had a small group of friends but they seemed to lack his passion. He quickly learnt to behave in the arrogant way expected of noblemen. This father grew ever more distant and distressed over time and so hired a butler to look after the children. Woodhouse quickly became Athans favorite person. He would listen to him ramble and just smile when he shouted and threw tantrums. At the college Athan met a noble names Percy, he was much less arrogant than the other children and the two of them became quick friends.

His teenage years flew by relatively fast. Percy became interested in girls and became quite a ladies man. Ramona’s social circle grew too and she spent more time with her friends. Athan followed neither of these paths. He knew he needed to get stronger, he spent most of his time working, a little of it socialising with Percy, Ramona and Woodhouse, and a little looking after Elymas, his mothers thrush. He took a liking to transmutation and decided that his best method of attaining his goals would be to become a state wizard. They helped people and he wanted to be just like them. The time came and Athan had to create a familiar, the decided Elymas would be the best choice as it would always remind him what he needed to do.

Some years later, once his studied were finished, he was asked to man a ship to deal with pirates to the west. Athan realised this may be his chance to gain favor with Admiral Mortanis, the leader of the state wizards and took up the challenge. He asked his old friend Percy to accompany him, and put out word for other trustworthy fellows to join. Brid and Vioreck joined and they seemed like exactly the kinds of people he would get along with.

Athan Oma Eliam

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