Unclaimed Lands

The end of Possibly Roland's Journal
A peaceful time

Mother came by yesterday. She had brother and his husband with them, and we had dinner. Surprisingly it was rather pleasant – we discussed the work she’d been doing, and she inquired about the Rogers. I hid some of the truth from her, as a matter of course – they’re not disbanding, anymore than I thought they would, and they’re still dedicated to that mad old shaman, but they have their own selves back, and their pieces are fitting back together.

Athan, I’m told, continues his work. He’s been dismantling his old creations for years, but he never stops scheming and planning, but I guess it’s just his nature. He’s been doing more good than harm, these days, now his memory is complete. He left me some very fine casks, the other year. The wine from those is dry, and sweet.

The shaman, on that line, still toils in the iron city. Once a week, a Roland and a roger goes to visit him. He’s still crafting, and scheming, and working his plans. Maybe the city will do right by him. Maybe. He gave me a box to give to his pseudo dragon. He winked when he did so, so who knows anymore.

Garrison still does his work, hunting. Some times I hear that he hunts Athan’s creatures, sometimes I hear that he’s been trying to catch a whale.

Tivorahan, too, is doing repentance work. There are many, many lines on her register, and she’s working through them all. She came round for dinner a few months ago, along with mother. All feels well and cordial, and I didn’t even slip anything into her food for old times’ sake.

The pirate, I am told, is taking to Abaddon like a duck to water. The free life suits him well, and he is banding together a merry band of fellow dead drunks (both figuratively and literally).

The autumn leaves are rolling in. We have enough in the casks to bide us over the winter, and then more. The cities are less rubble than they were, and people are moving on. The world is still scarred, and some of those wounds may never heal. But better days are ahead, I’m sure of it.

An excerpt from Roland's Journal

I am beginning to fear for my mind. The constant warfare, the planecrashing, the teleportations…the Rolands. All of these have began to take a toll on my sanity.

I’ve had urges, urges to kill. While the company are nothing to store home about in terms of competence, I’ve never considered murdering them before, without orders. It disquiets me greatly.

I wonder how history will judge me. Since the fall of the Dominion proper, I’ve been donating more and more time to the Villa and my Rolands. When I began work on them, I never imagined…how many there would be. How they would think like me, live like me…

It is quite a thing to see oneself dead and dead and dead again, a hundred times over. I fear I have become the most criminal of men, for I have stolen away their identity,their individuality. None, at least, are slaves no more, nor in debt, nor alone, nor unloved. But the change I have affected with them…

I wished for a world of freemen, of everyone standing as one. I believed that, like a circus, it needed a ringleader – the Dominion, for instance. But even that fell – and when it did, I expected it to be in a significantly less desperate way. Maybe it hasn’t fallen, and that I cannot remember and my mind fills in the blanks.

It is dark now, this night. I prepare my poisons and tinctures. I believe I may die soon. I do not want to, but I fear that it may not be avoidable, nor may it be in a manner of my choosing. I hope the Rolands can carry the great work on.

I will myself to a stupor, then sleep. I have too few cares for anything else.

Circular to Possibly Roland's
This is Rather Urgent News

We (royal) have pledged loyalty to Beqre vf qrnq Verstand, helping move along the jolly business of Jung vf qrnq jvyy abg qvr the apocalypse. Now, the vineyard is most likely not going to last that long, so Xvyy zr try to cooperate Serr zr and we’re not gonna end up on the wrong side Serr gur jbeyqyq

Dispatches from a quietish flying boat-y vineyard
Only a flying boat-y vineyard

It is, apparently, a faux pas to poison ones fellow guests whilst at the dinner table, even more so to nearly kill one. Brother and hubby to be seem nice people, through a vague haze. I have the Possibly’s retrieving information from across the fleet, although all I’ve gathered on our new Grand Admiral is his love for the most flamboyant fashions.

Dispatches from a quiet vineyard

Disquieting news coming from the Possibly Roland stationed near the Gal Dou plantation. Not only does he own a large swathe of slaves, he has a market set up nearby. And worse is the naming convention – all are named “Roger” with a number postceding it. Possibly has had to refuse purchasing a person nine times.

In other news, summons have been sent for me. Possibly will accompany me – so I can answer the summons and meet my new half brother. I will also take wine, in case I have to meet motheeeeer

My Name is Dogrim
Rap Master Extraordinaire

My Name I Dogrim and I’m hear to say,
I really love fighting in a major wa…


The Life of Corvalis
A good man

Well Brendor needed to die, he was a monster. I’m glad his life was short lived. Now I’m here things are going to change. I think I can really make the world a better place with control of this body. I’ll start by stopping the slave trade that Brendor started. Oh, I forgot Brendor had started fighting this man. I’m sure he’ll listen to reason once he finds out how nice I am.

Oh. He appears to be stabbing me.

The Tale of Brondor
A short tale

Brondor. Fucking Brondor. God Anton must have known how much I’d hate it. The more time I spend being Brondor the more hatred I harbor for that man. He was weak, too kind. It felt good to murder all those pencil pushers in that tower. To hear their screams as they burnt, and one actually thought he could do out on his own terms! What cheek! I’m glad I was able to shoot him on the way down (even if the damned caster made me miss the other one).

It feels good to be killing for the sake of killing again. This body had spent too much time killing for money. It’s nice to get back to the basics and kill the weak because its fun and I can. Starting up that slave trade was fun too, all those deaths caused just by a couple of words, so much death.

I think I prefer killing with the sword though, and of course Its nice to have a challenge from time to time too. I think I’ll kill that Captain, or Commander or whatever he is. A drow I think, will at least make an interesting fight.

Dylan Mege's Unoffical Log
Her Inner Mind

You know what I think I hate the most…. the brown-nosing.
With all of that “oh I must impress him!” and “oh I must find a friend for Magnus!” and the “oh I will literally do anything for for you, let me drop my dignity and kiss your ring if it fucking pleases you!”

When I was offered strength for being part of the Royal Guard I would have loved it if they told me what the side effects were. Now my head is filled with nothing but that fucking pompous, r͢o̵̴yąl̡̛ ͜s̴̴h̸̡ì̀t̛͜!͞

Oh when I get control back he it not going to be fuck̷ing s͘mil̢ing͘ ̕a͏nym͠ore̕.͘

I swear to every God I’ve blasphemed I’m g̢oi̛n͡g ̡t̡̖͕͕͋̔́̋ọ͉̣̣͗ͫͨ̋̊̾̚͜ ͎̬͖͓̑̓̑ͫ͋͛͘b͎͓̜̬̤̜̽̏ͫ͌̓̃ͅű̈ͯ̀ͩͥͯr̲̰̪̹͠n̘̩̥̼̘͌̓͂͋̎͡ e̮͉̙̠͕̜̱͂̅̀ͯ͌̔͐͠v̛̬̙̰̩̬ͦͧ͒ͥ̚ë̖̠̾͠r̘̯̥̳͔̒͋̈́́̾͐ͥ͡y̭ͣt̜͓͙̩̝͔ͣĥ̟͉͕̥ͨͩ͐i̯͇̗̝̪ͯ̓͌̀͞n̴̋̀̌̊ͪͅg̳̙͎͎̳̾̿̆͆͐ ̻̭̫͕̿ͣ͞h̡͛̿̄̀ͬe͕ ̪̱̜̝̿̐̐͞ḷ̥ͪ͛͊̌o̶̤̟̘̰̊̂̃͋v̗̙̟͕̭͚ͨ̂ͭ͛̆̌̚e̼̮̭̗̼̤͈͑͡s̮͓͙̜͇ͧ

And then I’m going to smile as I breathe in what it feels like to be free, before I take his crown and scalp as a trophy and hang it from the mantelpiece I’m gonna make from his pet. :-)

Dylan Mege's Official battle logs (2)
Log2: The front line

On the day after the destruction of the wall we were finally tasked with invading the Undine capital. Myself and Goudal were specifically tasked with protecting the flag-bearers who would bring morale to the troops and fear to the enemies. I formulated a strategy with Goudal, where I would take point protecting the bearers and he would remain just behind them in order to provide support and healing. Apparently though this task was not cowardly enough for him, as the moment the army began charging he stopped running and joined his horde of undead minions far behind the army. It took him several minutes to finally join the real battle.

While he was cowardly crouching within the safety of his minions, far from the battle, the rest of us had arrived and had charged what remained of their army. These soldiers, like the Oread from yesterday, all had the ability to regenerate and were thus difficult to dispatch of, despite this I imagine our success would have been much swifter if Anton and “possibly Roland” had actually joined the fight, yet they, much like Goudal, had hidden away and separated themselves from the fight.

The only recruit who had been useful in this fight were ‘Ash’ and Astarte, who fought against the army. Ash (as he prefers to be called) also had the ingenious idea to use his quite frankly disturbing quantities of alcohol as an explosive, thus bypassing the regenerative factor of the soldiers and killing a significant number of them. However he then let his allies down as he then refused to fight, instead playing his bagpipes in a pathetic attempt to “mourn” his now destroyed alcohol.

After I personally defeated the soldiers’ leader, a regenerating Ifrit sorceress who burned her own body in order to escape capture, we moved on to find two of the recruits who fled. One of these recruits, Anton, then made up for his previous cowardice by personally engaging the next enemy, a particularly powerful Undine Magus, until we could arrive.

It was after we dispatched this general/gatekeeper that we moved into the heart of the capital that we fought our last challenge, 4 mages who had somehow fused themselves into one being. I point out that “possibly Roland” still refused to come out of hiding at this point and, having seen the challenge, Goudal promptly fled to safe ground. Despite this cowardice we defeated what we came to call the “Archon” by tricking it into splitting it’s body two more times, thus killing it.

Mission: Success
Overall rating of the recruits: E


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